Buying office specialized in China

Our team adapts perfectly to the needs of its partners, whether they are small shops or mass distributors. Thanks to our experience and know-how in China, we are able to bring flawless services and forge a win-win relationship based on trust.

Door to Door

With the aim of always exceeding our customers’ expectations, we bring 35 years of experience in international purchases and propose a door to door shipping services fitting your specific business needs. 

Specialty sourcing services

Constantly looking for opportunities offered by our supplier network, MP will be your devoted advisor in order to accommodate your specialty needs in interior design materials such as fabrics, fixtures and decorations



We benefit from a worldwide network of diversified suppliers, sorted according to the category of products, quality level, price range, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), design, time of production and customer’s target. As many criteria that allow us not only to perfectly meet our customer’s demands, but also to suggest targeted and customized offers that fit customers’ profile, the time of the year, the opportunity of the moment, etc. Thanks to this management, our customers have access to thousands of products but only reference one single supplier in their system, simplifying operations and the internal follow-up of their teams.

We organize ready-to-use events under various themes such as the origin of the goods, a gathering concept, a growing trend, or a period of the year.

We attend the main international fairs which allows us to constantly update and renew our offers with a sourcing oriented to the needs and tastes of our targeted markets.

Strong of multiple years of experiences  (construction materials, interior design materials, textiles, electronics, mass distribution, independent single stores or edgy shops), we are able to offer our services to various types of customer, no matter their size, geographical location or their needs.



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